InstaBuilder 2.0 Review – Does It Really The Best Landing Page WordPress Plugin?

If you have to deal with the problem of finding a sassy landing page for your domain, today I want to show you a brand new solution system called InstaBuilder 2.0.

If you want to win over your competitors and gain the success, do not hesitate to check it out my review about InstaBuilder 2.0.

The fact is that there are so many marketers wasting their time, effort and money in creating landing pages for their website and then ended up with nothing.

Nevertheless, with InstaBuilder 2.0, you can feel free to create stunning landing pages easily without having to spend much money and hard-working hours.

With InstaBuilder 2.0, you will get everything you need to match your needs with a homepage.

The versatility of InstaBuilder 2.0 gives the experienced marketers, newbie businessmen, and passionate bloggers the big chance to generate more sales and profits.

The best part is that InstaBuilder 2.0 makes it easy for you to create high-quality landing pages without paying extra fees. Now, why don’t you take a look at my honest review of Instabuilder 2.0 for more useful information?

Key Features Details:

  • Split Testing
  • Security Builder
  • Welcome Gate
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Import
  • Facility
  • Built-In image editor
  • One-click HTML Converter
  • More than 100 ready-to-use template
  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • 2 & 3 Step opt-in technology
  • And more

Who Should You Use It?

Easy To Use Yet Effective

InstaBuilder 2.0 comes up with the user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to instantly access and use. It is really suitable for busy online marketers and entrepreneurs who have very little free time.

It comes up with easy navigation, controls and the UI design for giving faster results.

Sales Funnel Design

With the InstaBuilder responsive design, it easily creates instant mobile-friendly pages. Every page that you created will look beautiful on all of the mobile devices such as iOS, Android along with Tablets and IPads.

100 Pre-Built Templates

It is easy for you to select any template from more than 100 pre-built templates with the purpose of immediately creating high-converting and stunning designed squeeze pages.
All of the templates are customizable along with building your variations as well as creating 100% unique pages.

Easy Customization

InstaBuilder plugin lets you easily customize your own page, get total control over every facet of design and more. It means that you can add the text, images along with the videos, buttons, and navigation.

Powerful Marketing Technology

It is packed with the 2 steps opt-in technology which is proven to convert better than other traditional list building tools.
Also, you can instantly integrate with just 1 click right away with your pages that completely show that you can easily generate all of the conversions in just one click.

Lock Your Content and Generate More Leads

The great thing is that you can block your content and then basically force all the visitors just to sign in before using the content of your website. There are the opt-in Firewalls that help to convert time again and again.

Built-In Marketing Graphics

You can feel free to select from a lot of pre-designed graphics created by your great design team such as the Header Images, Call to Action buttons, Icons and many more things.

Control Visitors Movements

It also provides you with the one-click scarcity builder. Thus, you can have the chance to easily build the instant urgency right into the landing pages which is urging your visitors.

Built-In Countdown Timer

InstaBuilder gives you a countdown timer that makes it easy for you to quickly customize the countdown timer as well as customize the layouts. I consider that it is a powerful feature since scarcity and limited time for any of the products will really improve your sales.

My Experience

Now, I also want to say all of my personal experience when first using this plugin so you will have all the data you can choose according to your needs and requirements.

5 Minutes from a Page

InstaBuilder is an advanced WP plug-in which allows you to create expert-level pages. Its simplistic interface makes it super easy for anyone to create fabulous displays within no more than 5 minutes.

There is no handling code of any sort involved.

Drag and Drop

All of the elements that you want to fit in the banner will be positioned instantly by using the drag-and-drop motion. Eventually, the landing pages are brand-centric and set up to be capable of dodging cookie cutter as well as ad blockers.

Animation Included

InstaBuilder can incorporate animated material to display on your homepage for boosting engagement.

Multiple Functions

You will be able to show your favorite picks and mix & match them for a perfect sales funnel. This provides with the abundance of features and a steady control on the overall appearance.


InstaBuilder comes with 100 templates for creating high-conversion pages along with a coding-free operation. There are many different designs and serve a range of marketing purposes.

Nevertheless, it is the Visual Editor which allows you to create a unique design on the canvas.

The tools deal with squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, pages relating to sales, product launch, webinar, coming soon as well as cover every relevant occasion. All you need to do is just pick yours and start editing.

Visual Editor

InstaBuilder has never-seen-before, a built-in image editor to be incorporated with a landing page creator.

It is powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK- the amazing visual editor helps you to insert a huge amount of effects to the conventional looks of a photograph.

So you can choose to change the image into a multiple window design or condense it into a logo since they always create an appealing finish.

In case you come up with an even better design, then InstaBuilder makes it easy for you to build your own template right from the beginning.

The in-built elements are able to manage the in-line, text block, textile, font weight, drop caps, and every requirement.

Sales Funnel

InstaBuilder makes sure that that your quality content gains a rightful value by instantly applying a series of sales motivating funnels.


InstaBuilder is designed to be compatible totally with the iOS of major handheld devices in order to boost a consistent route of incoming traffic. I consider that this feature is powerful since over 80% of the population operates their emails on mobiles every single day.

Generate Leads

In its latest version 2.0, InstaBuilder allows you to use the same tools employed as the lead generating technique for the high-end, well-known organizations.
It is completely perfect for business owners who want to play big while not have to spend much money on manual work against lead generation.

Opt-in Integrations

This feature allows you to ask 5 survey questions from the readers before giving them your actual content.

These opt-in features are completely customizable as well as can be shown with elements like alternate questions, video clips, button etc. It is a great feature for people who have an existing website with loyal visitors

The opt-in/ welcome page represents itself as a firewall over your page and makes sure that only get attention from people get to peep into the authentic content.

Based on your requirements, this accessible blockage of content will be applied on single or all pages.

Nevertheless, it is regarded as the 2-step opt-in technology that actually steals the show. With simple going one-click page integration, your site is improved effectively to catch leads at a very happening rate.

Exit Popup

The match is not going to lose till the lead has left your page. Nevertheless, before the visitor has left your page, you can set up to show him the InstaBuilder Exit Popup feature.

Using this feature is proven to help to improve lead generation by as much as four times.


Every InstaBuilder account has a host of analytical tools that allow it to observe your progress in closer proximity. With its robust suite of statistical reporting, you will have the chance to get accurate data against the current strategy and help you plan better.

Split Testing

Templates allow you to create multiple versions of your very own landing page. Nevertheless, it is the Split Testing option by InstaBuilder. It means that you will get ground level data before the site goes live.

This AB testing among email marketers will let you easily compare results with other test subjects.

Time Delayed Content

This feature lets the conventional marketing technique turns online. It means that you can choose to postpone the appearance of the ‘Buy Now’ button.
Therefore, your viewers receive ample time in order to grasp the concept behind your web page.

Scarcity Builder

With the scarcity builder option, you can simulate an urgent feeling among visitors. You can set up to declare special deals as well as flashing short-term offers so that you can gain an immediate jump in sales.

An account with InstaBuilder allows your site to exploit such policies on pages based on lead generation, video sales as well as other vital points.
These are completely customizable. You can have all of the options to set the exact date and duration of the sale.

Moreover, the best part is that you can even place them on any corner of your page as you want and run them with split testing in order to determine the ROI against every tactic.

9.5 Total Score

Easy To Install & Use
Self Experience
Customer Support
Free Resourse
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Optimized landing

Duplicate Templates

InstaBuilder helps to create duplicates of existing templates while getting totally different elements in each one of them. So it helps to reduce your physical efforts. The great thing is that template completely duplication complies.


Understading a thing is that designing can involve enormous hit and trial or you might be working on multiple projects, InstaBuilder contains some great organizational tools as well.
They are totally easy to access and quick to apply. The categorization can be done in a lot of different ways, even on the basis of project type and split testing variations.


I believe that this feature is truly powerful since it allows you to relieve you of lawyer expenses by generating legal pages on total autopilot. It covers privacy policy, terms of service and anything to do with legal.


You can customize or edit your own InstaBuilder pages with relevant SEO intel at a much more rapid pace than the competitions present in the market.

You can use keyword targeting features freely and another high-level SEO editing for making sure that your page is SEO friendly.


You can insert your InstaBuilder with a simple HTML based auto-responder. Moreover, your page can fill itself with necessary answers against the name on total autopilot, address, email, and everything needed for email marketing as well.


InstaBuilder can integrate at the same time with an endless source for giving a webinar based sales funnel. Thus, you can have a chance to deliver sales presentations, long-form content and much more without having to worry about the delivery system.

Self Employment

InstaBuilder provides you with a whole new dimension of employment. You will no longer have to maintain a website of your own, create money by building InstaBuilder pages for other clients.
The easy import and export option makes sure that you build pages within your own installation and upload it to a totally different installation.

Supports Non-WordPress

To deploying its genius features on a non-WordPress site, all you need to do is extracting its crisp HTML version. After you have the codes, an HTML version of your website is 100% ready to use.

Social Sharing

InstaBuilder gives you the chance to own Facebook specific landing pages for creating a sale out of socialization.

You can feel free to integrate your homepage with up to top 4 social networking platforms in just 1 click of your mouse on your social status.


Now InstaBuilder 2.0 offers a big discount which costs you only $77 to get installed 3 domains that you own. You can choose to buy a developer license which costs $97 to install on unlimited domains that you own


Landing pages play a vital role when it comes to boosting conversions. I consider that this is a must-have tool for anyone, especially bloggers who don’t have a tech background.
InstaBuilder will help to create perfect robust monetization strategies through landing pages that convert.

Therefore, do not hesitate to access to the official page and purchase it now using Paypal, Visa, or Master Card. In case you have any problems, get any roadblocks or bottlenecks, please contact me anytime to get instant help.

It is the end of my InstaBuilder 2.0 Review. I hope that I gave useful information for you to come up with the right decision for your own business

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