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T-Rex Megastore Review – Quickly Master eCommerce With This Ultimate All-In-One Tool!

It goes without saying that eCommerce is nothing different from a gold mine online. If you manage to establish a foothold here, then congratulation, because from now on, profits will come knocking on your door like crazy! You see, these days, with the rapid development of the Internet, people do not need to go shopping outside anymore. Instead, they can just stay home, searching through a website, picking up some items they like, and wait until those are delivered right at their doorstep. This type of advanced trading has been here for years and is now becoming more popular than ever.

I guess you have already seen the point here. eCommerce can provide you with an enormous market, and all you have to do is to use it right. But here comes the questions: How? How to successfully join the world of eCommerce? What do we have to do? How to avoid all the potential threats on the path?

The answer for all of these is wrapped up in only one word: skills! You need several skills to be able to run and manage an eCommerce business on your own. What are they? Well, listing all of them here will take a full day, but in short, they are the things you must master in order to have a lucrative business, such as website designing, market researching, product developing, and so on.
But not to worry; if you know the right tool to use, all of these can turn into a piece of cake in no time? You do not know any tool? That is okay, why don’t you try out mine? Introducing T-Rex Megastore – a product from Greg Writer! Are you curious for more information? Then it is about time you check out the rest of my T-Rex Megastore Review.

T-Rex Megastore Review – Overview

  • Author: Greg Writer
  • Product: T-Rex Megastore
  • Niche: eCommerce
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What Is T-Rex Megastore?

T-Rex Megastore is an exclusive combination of store builder and training program that can help make eCommerce your playground with no experience required. And by store builder, I did not mean the regular ones that make you do all the hard work by yourself. Guess what? Once purchasing T-Rex Megastore, you will be able to have a whole team create a highly-converting eCommerce store and fill it with awesome products just for you!

The store can cover one among these main categories: Family & Grandmas (nice things for families), Personalized Coffee Mugs, Faith-based items (religious items), School Zone, Gift and Accessories, and Canvas Walls. In order for you to manage everything easily, they will have your store built on a WordPress platform with an interface that is familiar to everyone. Plus, all of the uploaded products can be shipped within the USA! In other words, your customers will not need to wait for a whole week or more to get what they ordered. Isn’t this amazing?

About the training; well, T-Rex Megastore is going to offer you an in-depth course revealing to your several methods to make a fortune out of eCommerce! And do you know what the best thing is? No matter who you are, no matter how inexperienced you can be, once you choose this, you can be turned into a professional with no string attached! Sounds like an ideal chance to broaden your knowledge of making profits online, don’t you think?

About Author

Now, let’s give Greg Writer – the man behind T-Rex Megastore – some spotlights! Well, I believe that if you have been in the marketing field long enough, you would no longer be a stranger to this vendor since he is pretty well-known for spending over 10 years coaching newbies to survive on the Internet. He also has in-depth experience in many aspects related to eCommerce, such as dropshipping and store developing, which have been assisting him in launching multiple incredible products. In short, when it comes to boosting sales and profits online, Greg Writer is exactly who you can count on!

T-Rex Megastore – Features and Benefits

First, let’s talk about the store builder’s main features

Unlimited Products

As you have already known, once purchasing T-Rex Megastore, you will immediately get access to exclusive ready-to-go stores that are specially built by a team of professionals. We have already delved into this matter so I will not repeat it here. Rather than that, let’s move straight to the juicy part: the products! Guess what? There is no limit or extra charge to the number of goods in your stores! And since all of them are from high-quality, credible sources; rest assured that you will be able to skyrocket your profits no matter what.

Opt-in Builder

Usually, opt-in forms are used to collect email addresses. However, with T-Rex Megastore, you can use it to give your customers a preview of the products they are about to get! You know; the customizable products like mugs and T-shirts that you can have your names or somebody’s written on it. All you need to do is to type in some phrases, click your mouse, and get a stunning result!

Integration with PrintTech

T-Rex Megastore can also offer you an inventory and a dropship account from PrintTech, one of the greatest shipping services in the country! Isn’t this amazing?

Other Features

Aside from the aforementioned features, T-Rex Megastore is also capable of providing you with unlimited bandwidths, running special sales and promotions using coupon codes, taking care of the hosting problems, offering variations for your products, and so much more. To put it another way, this tool comes with all the features of any regular store builder, as well as a ton of better ones!

Now, let’s move onto the training program! There are 14 main modules, each of which includes a range of step-by-step videos.

Module 1: DFY Install Training

This gets paired with 4 sections and 12 lessons that give you an overview of the entire course. Throughout this mini-course, you will get to see how to set up a professional store in the least complicatedly way, as well as being able to make a test purchase at the end.

Module 2: Store’s Features

18 sections and 36 lessons in total. It is going to give you in-depth instructions on how to master each feature of T-Rex Megastore.

Module 3: Funnel

This is perhaps one of the most important lessons of the entire course! Through 14 detailed sections, it will teach you all the must-known about building a profitable funnel. For examples, you will get to know how to create highly-converting Facebook ads, finding your target market, retargeting those that abandoned your shopping cart, and so much more.

Module 4: Webinars

This is the longest and also most overwhelming part of the course. Still, you’d be terribly sorry if you miss it! Consisting of 64 recorded live webinars, each lasts about 1 hour, it is going to show you how to cover everything involved in setting up a profitable online business. There are some exclusive tips so please make sure you stay focus all the time!

Module 5: Hints and Tips

This is just a short section with about 21 videos showing you a few tips and tricks based on the questions that T-Rex Megastore’s team often received.

Module 6: Software Notice Video

A brief training on how to always have your WordPress plugin remain up-to-date

Module 7: Bonus Plugins

In this module, you will get to learn how to put some more WordPress plugins you will have to install on your store into operation, such as the Shipping Bar and the Survey Plugin.

Module 8: Facebook Ads Marketing

With 11 detailed lessons, this mini-course is going to show you how to use the power of Facebook advertising to your own advantage. This also includes a newbie’s lesson called the Beginner Facebook Marketing that reveals the most basic yet important phases involved in the process of setting up an advertising campaign!

Module 9: Product Giveaways

This offers you a 21-lesson mini-course on licensed celebrity packs and tons of other breath-taking stuff!

Module 10: Bonus

This module consists of multiple tasks you can perform to grab even more profits back to your business, such as how to pair your products with the right prices in some special occasions, how to improve your target skill, how to quickly boost your income in the shortest time, and so on.

Module 11: Photoshop Tutorials

If you are planning to design your products’ cover images or just want to get some handy skills, this is definitely what you need to watch! It will walk you through a variety of simple, yet undoubtedly impressive techniques.

Module 12: Photoshop Mockup Builders

Just like the last module, but with more advanced tricks.

Module 13: Email Marketing Training

This module lets you know how to take advantage of the power of email marketing and use it as a means to generate even more traffic and sales.

Module 14: WordPress Plugin Training

This is going to help you uncover a few uncommon yet 100% effective WordPress tricks!

How Does It Work?

I will be honest: T-Rex Megastore’s system is easy to put into operation, but there is a lot of training and tasks to cover, so some might find this a bit overwhelming. Still, if you believe you have enough patience and will to comply with every request, here is the demo video. It will walk you through the most important features of T-Rex Megastore. And the training course accompanies it will do the same with the eCommerce aspects that you must focus on once deciding to step into this particular field.

In case you cannot wait and just want some sneak peek at the inside of the tool right away, I have another special walkthrough right here. Feel free to check it out!

As I have mentioned above, there is a lot of ground to cover here, so there is nothing strange if it takes you a week or more to be ready to run your own eCommerce business. On the other hands, it reveals to you exclusive techniques to run a profitable online business without breaking a sweat, so your hard work will eventually pay off!

Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, T-Rex Megastore and its exclusive features are going to benefit not only the newbies but also the professionals in eCommerce. It does not come with any complicated technical matter, so everyone will be able to use it just fine. And do not forget that this all-in-one tool does not demand to build any store or create any product, thus helping you save both time and effort! Plus, by letting your customers have a preview of what they will be taking home, your site will certainly leave a good impression on them, a sign that invites them to return another time.

See? It is versatile, it is useful, and it is as simple as a piece of cake! Even when you cannot figure it out, there is still a training course at your service. So, if you are looking forward to tapping into eCommerce, or just wanting to learn some extra tricks, T-Rex Megastore is definitely the ideal choice!

Pros and Cons

  • Newbie-friendly
  • Premade stores
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited bandwidths
  • Incredible built-in tools
  • Dropship suppliers
  • Easy-to-follow training
  • Boost sales and profits
  • Require close attention and 100% persistence (tons of long and detailed training)
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Now that you have known about T-Rex Megastore’s features as well as what they are capable of, let’s move to something you must have been waiting for since the start: its price! At the moment, there are two choices available for this all-in-one tool: The premium monthly plan – $97/month, and the premium annual choice – $997/ year. If you pick the latter, you will receive a ticket to a special Live Event of T-Rex Megastore every year. However, this does not include the built-for-you stores; so personally, I do not think it is a good choice – too inconvenient!

Of course, I have another reason for wanting you to enroll in the monthly plan. Guess what? For this chance only, Greg is giving anyone that wishes to join the T-Rex Megastore community a special discount: Non-profit T-rex! What is it about? Instead of paying an excessive fee of almost $100, right now, a copy of this incredible system will only cost you $67! Isn’t this great? If I were you, I’d be sure to grab it as soon as possible.

For later information, please check out this site.

T-Rex Megastore – Conclusion

Generating massive profits from eCommerce will no longer be so out of reach once you have got a powerful sidekick by your site! With the help from T-Rex Megastore, you will instantly receive not only ready-to-go stores and products but also a brilliant training course that shows you what must be done in order to turn your business from a hero to a zero.

I will be honest with you, there are tons of great courses out there. Still, they usually just teach you how to run a store in a renowned platform, like Shopify or Amazon, and how to dropship from AliExpress, which takes about a week to transport something to your customers. But with T-Rex Megastore, your business will be taken to a whole new level! You see, this tool will only upload to your store products made in the US and shipped from the United State, so it can shorten the amount of time a product gets to your customers. This will definitely make them happy; and once they are happy with your service, they will start using it more, thus increasing your sales and profits!

Are you now convinced that T-Rex Megastore is a must-have tool? Then why are you sitting there? Hit that red button and take one home now!


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