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Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review – Huge Discount and Insane Bonuses

Digital business has been more and more popular. A lot more people have started their online business recently and earn a good income out of it. As more and more people joined, the competition also becomes much harder. It means you have to have something that is particular and extraordinary to win others.

Cover Action Pro 3.0 is exactly what you need to have in this case. It provides promotion cover for your products very fast and impressively. I have tried it for a while and the experience was delightful. That’s encouraged me to write this Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review to share my opinions. Let’s get started!

What is Cover Action Pro 3.0?

Cover Action Pro 3.0 is basically a Photoshop app that lets you create high-quality shots for your online business, either they are products or any kind of services.

Some initial versions of this app have been used a long time ago for many digital product launches as well as book promotions. Cover Action Pro is considered as an effective solution for those who are looking for ways to promote their products or services.

Basically, what Cover Action does is to provide a cover for your product in a couple of seconds. If you want to have more effects, there are more than 500 Photoshop effects for you to choose.
Now let’s look at the next part of the Cover Action Pro 3.0 to find out what special about it!

Feature Details

First of all, we should start with the fact that Cover Action 3.0 has been innovated with the 3D technology to ensure the book covers as well as products are in its sharpest form.
Books with various spine sizes.

With Cover Action Pro 3.0, each book mockup will have a lot of spine widths. This is to make sure your book will fit perfectly to the size. Moreover, the think of 3D mockup also shows actual pages of your books.

  • Hardcover Books

There are a huge number of hardcover books mockups for you to choose from. Just pick the one that fits and increase sales without having to adjust anything related to the cover.

  • Paperback Books

Also in the package are more than 100 paperback books that serve the same function as hardcover books mockups.

  • Magazine and Workbooks

The mockups are made with gloss and shine to add more sharpness to your publications.

  • Landscape Books

A set of landscape book mockups will add more colours to your layouts when it comes to instructional books, story-telling books for children and photography.

  • Binders and Notebooks

This collection includes spiral-bound and comb-bound notebooks. These can be used for short-course books or as gifts or bonuses to encourage people to sign up your page.

  • Website Displays and Devices

There are also a huge number of device mockups that can be used for websites, apps and training courses. The screen will be labelled with pixel dimensions to make sure they will look as stunning as on a real device.

  • Book Boxsets

This is specifically designed for Amazon marketing. Use this to attract more prospects and encourage them to make sales.

  • Media Players

By using Cover Action Pro 3.0, you can easily communicate to customers by creating player graphics. This would do so much help if your current goal is to get as many customers as possible.

  • Software Boxes

Boxes can be used to build brand awareness and a unique identity for your business. A large collection of software boxes are a must-have if you want to market your apps effectively.

  • 50+ Cover Templates

The last feature I want to share in this Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review is that it is a newbie friendly product. There are up to 50 cover templates that are impressively designed. These templates have been made by top designers in the industry to ensure good results.

Cover Action Pro 3.0 - Holiday Discount Now Live!

Make Your Books and Products Look Sharper with 3D Mockups You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

$197 $297

How Does It Work?

Who Should Use It?

The product is suitable for those who frequently launch books or digital products that need promotions. Using Cover Action Pro 3.0 will shorten your work time dramatically.
There are absolutely no requirements of technical or designing skills at all. It aims at all types of marketers and makes sure they can reap real benefits from the product.

Pros and Cons

9.1 Total Score

Newbie Friendly
  • Newbie friendly
  • Come with great variety
  • Use in many niches
  • The vendor does not divide the product into small packages to fit the needs of customers. Sometimes you have to pay a huge sum of money for a large package without using up at all.
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Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review – Evaluation

This product will free you from all worry concerning designing graphics for your promotion plans or to attract attention. It will be a lot easier to handle work. This newest version is really a breakthrough in this year. Visit the sales page ASAP.

If you are planning a product launch, make sure you have the best tool to help you deal with tasks.

Thanks for following this Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review! I hope my opinion of the product would do you some help in choosing a tool. Goodbye!

Cover Action Pro 3.0 - Holiday Discount Now Live!

Make Your Books and Products Look Sharper with 3D Mockups You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

$197 $297


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