Affiliate Marketing Champ Review – Should You Buy It?

With 5.2% and more of US population working from home, affiliate marketing is hunted as a mean for earning cash without stepping outside of your house. That may be the reason why many of you asked me to review a new course by ODI Productions.

I know we’re all busy with cycle of life so I won’t make this Affiliate Marketing Champ Review long. We will come right to the point what it is, find out its content and my opinion as well as advices about it.

If you need a quick answer if it’s scam or legit, I can tell you this is not a scam. However, should we buy it is a totally different question. Let’s check out what ODI offers us before jumping to the conclusion,

Firstly about the trainer in this course, ODI, maybe I don’t need to tell you much about him. He has some experience with IM, he owns a YouTube channel with the unlimited passion of sharing his love for his cars and dogs.

Affiliate Marketing Champ is his first-launched course. After this one, he already has another training product called Passive Income Lifestyle. And both courses have quite high prices, $997 for the former and $1997 for the latter.

What is Affiliate Marketing Champ about?

In short, this is a training course about affiliate marketing from the basic knowledge. The content of this course goes from the scratch for the total newbie to understand what this industry is about and how it works to the general formula what an affiliate marketer does.

During this course, beside the purely taught theories, you also have ODI shares about his living, his mistakes when promoting products to avoid. Moreover, learners of his products are inspired with many successful zero to hero stories.

So above is the summary for what’s inside the course. Next, my Affiliate Marketing Champ Review will help you break into every module in details.

What’s the content of Affiliate Marketing Champ?

This course include 10 modules in total. Each module will show a video about 20 minutes or more. At the end of the course, you have 2 sections which are joining his FB group and applying as an affiliate marketer within his course.

Let’s dive in!

Module 1: My Story: From UCLA Dropout To Dream Life Inn Just 2 Years

As the name says it all, this part is all about him, how he started and now stands here. You can watch his life style and if you want to know more about his biography, I suggest you visit his YouTube channel with more videos on Lambo cars, luxurious travels and dogs, … Or you should focus to the main point, affiliate marketing and skip this part because there is nothing to learn here.

Module 2: What is Affiliate Marketing and Why it’s the best online business today

The video explains the affiliate marketing’s definition, how it works. You will be spread the idea of how charming and wealthy this niche is.

Still, I don’t see much thing for learning here. If you decide to find a review on this course, I think you already know what affiliate marketing is. Moreover, “why it’s the best online business” is not a healthy juice for a leaner. Nothing is the best, don’t stick to any illusion.

Module 3: The best example of affiliate marketing in the real world

Continuing with the second part, this part gives you more adrenaline with successful stories of people crushing it with affiliate marketing. You’ll see many peoples making grands online using YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, reviewing authority websites, blogs.

This part is getting a little bit exciting but honestly, you can find many examples in forums, YouTube or other course with much lower price, and more details.

Module 4: Step by step plan on how to create a successful affiliate marketing business

The step by step plan includes:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Creating your own brand
  • Creating your YouTube channel
  • Building a website
  • Applying in affiliate networks
  • Picking a product to promote
  • Creating the promo content for your product

Actually, it’s an unnecessary step-by-step plan. All these details are the basic steps you can go through in 15 minutes at the maximum. Moreover, YouTube videos can teach you better for free.
Well, if you start to create a YouTube channel, website of an affiliate account, I bet you they show you step by step right at the sign up forms.

Module 5: The most profitable niches in affiliate marketing revealed

ODI recommends you the most profitable niches such as travel/lifestyle, luxury goods, high ticket offers, health/fitness, …

I have to say they are all obvious to me. Maybe according to the trainer, they are profitable because they have high value?! You can find these kinds of offers in native ads or in your newsfeed constantly. Again, I don’t see much value in this module.

Module 6: How to rank on the first page of YouTube & Google “Top Secret”

This is the SEO part with elementary things. However, I need to point out 2 problems with this module:

Firstly, SEO itself is a large niche. You can spend hours in intense courses such as Nathan Gotch’s and maybe it’s not enough. So, one video in more than 20 minutes can never be your guide.

Secondly, mentioned methods are old and I’m sure you can’t leverage much from them, not even saying they barely work in 2019. Google changes a lot and SEO changes much more. You just can’t write a post with keyword “product name + review” and rank top 1.
If you want to learn SEO, I will make a list and short review on the worthwhile courses after this Affiliate Marketing Champ Review.

Module 7: This paid traffic course will turbocharge your results

Paid ads in the module are YouTube, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. ODI gives you an overview of how to run ads on these platforms but forgets to tell you where you send traffic to.

Well, he doesn’t mention the landing pages, funnels or anything so I really don’t understand his purpose in this module.

Module 8: How to create an affiliate marketing website from scratch in 1 hour

What’s included is the guideline to build your website from WordPress. Next, he shows you the progress of buying the domain and the hosting live. Kind of basic things. If excluded the waiting time, I don’t think you should spend that much time.

Module 9: How to create Facebook Ad for Affiliate Marketing

This module is overlapping with the seventh. He gives you the clues on setting up a complete FB ads but that’s all. I firstly though he would go deeper in this part for Facebook specifically but there’s not much. Still purely basic.

Module 10: My top 5 mistakes with affiliate marketing that I wish I knew before

Clearly said, this part is about his mistakes (paid traffic, picking products,…) and you should avoid these ones and that’s all.

At the end, you have 2 smaller parts about his FB group and becoming affiliate in his Affiliate Marketing Champ.

My Final Thoughts

To me, this course is totally not worth $1000, equal to an iPhone XS when first introduced 😀

Its strengths include 2 points: it’s exactly from the zero; the names of each module precisely summarize its content.

Its weakness is focusing too much on motivation and theory. The stuff you learn can be found in free videos or in other much cheaper courses.

My conclusion it’s not bad but it’s not enough and totally not worth your $999. This price is so high for an online course but you don’t receive much. Moreover, I believe your email will contribute to his list for next expensive courses later. ODI knows how to act and speak before the camera but I hope he can create the better product next time!

That’s all for my Affiliate Marketing Cham Review. Hope you find the good stuff here.

6.9 Total Score

Newbie Friendly
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