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Digital Course Secrets Review – Digital Course Secrets Kevin David Review

Kevin David has released a great course in the past few days. He confirmed that this will be the last course you need. This course is called Digital Course Secrets.

You can have a lot of courses with content similar to this in the market. However, this course has some more special things than other courses and today I will share them in detail. You may consider and make a decision for yourself.

During the course track, you will see an ad about the Digital course Secrets, you can click on it to redirect to a completely free seminar. Here, you will be guided on how to build channels and programs to start earning money.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is a man with terrible working hours – more than 80 hours per week as an accountant. After a while, he gave up this job and started offering courses on Amazon FBA, eCom and digital courses.

Currently, he is running a Youtube channel. Here, he shares his methods, tips and tips for viewers. His youtube channel has a lot of subscribers. And learn to receive a lot of advice from him.
Kevin said that he helped thousands of people get rid of slavery and start successful businesses with his stories.

Digital Course Secrets - Create Your Own Successful Digital Course

Let Kevin Walk You Step-by-step Through The Exact Methods And Strategies He Had Used To Quickly Build An Audience Of Passionate Followers Who Will Beg To Buy Your Course!

Digital Course Secrets Overview

This course is a complete course of every step you take to make a profit when selling digital products. In this course, Kevin will show you the new methods he has applied to create a huge number of followers. Even, they will have to beg to buy your course.

This course consists of 6 modules, valuable bonuses and experienced mentors. You will get great value inside this course.

Currently, this course is being sold for $1,997 or you pay in the form of $599×5. This product will not increase the fee or generate any hidden fees.

Digital Course Secrets

Kevin stores all his videos with a separate platform. His videos all have good image quality, sound quality and he uses small screens to increase the results of his work.

This course consists of 6 programs and 3 bonus modules. I will share details of them in the following lines for you to understand more about them

  • Module 1: Choosing Your Course Niche

  • Module 2: Building Your Tribe

  • Module 3: Validating Your Course Idea With Real World Data

  • Module 4: Organizing, Pricing, And Building Your Course For Explosive Growth

  • Module 5: Technological Evolution

  • Module 6: Marketing Mastery

  • Bonus 1: Recruiting Your Affiliate Army

  • Bonus 2: Chat with Many with ManyChat – Facebook Messenger Bot

  • Bonus 3: The Strongest Workhorse on Earth – Your Million Dollar Webinar Funnel

Now, I will speak more clearly about these modules for you to better understand it. I have videos about these modules. However, I can only take screenshots of this course only because this will not be equal to those who buy the course.

  • Module 1: Choosing Your Course Niche

There will be 13 videos in this module. They will help you have the most accurate thinking to create a course.

The video will show you how to choose the right brand for successful brand examples and how to find brand names to impress customers.

In addition, there will be an ebook with 98 pages for you to learn more accurate and detailed about this module.

  • Module 2: Building Your Tribe

This module includes 11 videos. Here, you will be deep into building tribes and creating movement.

These videos will show you how to find customers and how to reach them.

Creators recommend creating a group on Facebook to easily connect and share values ​​with them.

I really learned a lot of valuable things in this module and I never thought about creating groups.

Then there are videos of lead magnets, free flow sources and impact.

Digital Course Secrets - Create Your Own Successful Digital Course

Let Kevin Walk You Step-by-step Through The Exact Methods And Strategies He Had Used To Quickly Build An Audience Of Passionate Followers Who Will Beg To Buy Your Course!

  • Module 3: Validating Your Course Idea With Real World Data

This module is not as long as other modules. However, it includes some long videos. These videos will guide you and help you see if the ideas you are thinking are right for you.
You will learn how to set up concepts, how you can compete with your competitors, how to become successful MVP and how to turn your ideas into profits.

  • Module 4: Organizing, Pricing, And Building Your Course For Explosive Growth

This module includes videos that I mentioned above.

The first thing you get inside this module is a way to sculpt your course from start to finish. You will get ideas for building your course.

The whole process you take will be displayed for you to come up with the most accurate direction. After that, you will be taught how to create success stories.

  • Module 5: Technological Evolution

In this module, you will be provided with all the arts and methods to have a successful sales channel. You will become an expert in creating sales pages, thank you pages and order pages. All of this is done with market tools like Clickfunnels or Paykickstart.

In addition, you will learn how to have an effective order page and receive additional training on member sites and thank you pages. I found this module quite new and great.

  • Module 6: Marketing Mastery

This is the longest module in this course. It consists of 14 different sections. Everything you need is here. This module mainly helps you make a profit with Facebook advertising. You will discover many topics here.

  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Learn how to launch your store
  • Learn how to master Facebook ads
  • Create perfect Facebook ads
  • Marketing tools and objectives
  • Laser object
  • Create a perfect ad
  • Visit all of Kevin Kevin’s highest convertible ads for inspiration
  • Separation test as an expert
  • Target again to explain profits
  • Test and take advantage of on Facebook
  • How to scale up effectively

How do you see the values ​​in this module? If you have bought courses on the market, I’m sure you’ll find it has some similarities with other courses. However, I am sure you will learn many new and wonderful things in this course.

I really enjoyed this part especially access to Kevin’s copy ads.


There will be 3 case studies from Kevin’s students for you to access. They will show you the steps they have built to have a successful shop now.

Some students have earned $ 50,000 per month. Others earn $ 500,000 and the remaining students earn $ 100,000 for each course.

Maybe you think they are lucky. However, without proper tactics, they will not be able to succeed like this.

  • Bonus 1: Recruit your branches

This bonus will give you some videos for you to learn how to recruit affiliates too. You will break your idea of ​​affiliate marketing to make a profit every day.
You receive a video on how to find and actively recruit affiliates.

  • Bonus 2: Bots Facebook Messenger

You will be guided on how to use automated chats and sales links on your Facebook page.

Then you can target your customers if they don’t sign up for your course.

In addition, the sale will discover methods to boom your sales and profits.

  • Bonus 3: Million dollar online seminar channel

You will receive videos to create online seminars and sales sites with Clickfunnels.

Digital Course Secrets - Create Your Own Successful Digital Course

Let Kevin Walk You Step-by-step Through The Exact Methods And Strategies He Had Used To Quickly Build An Audience Of Passionate Followers Who Will Beg To Buy Your Course!

Digital Course Secrets Private Group

Currently, there are more than 165 members of the Facebook conspiracy group and every day, 7-10 posts will be posted on this group.

If you do not want to buy this course, you can join this group to learn more.

The Refund Policy of Digital Course Secrets

With the experience that I have participated in this course, I think you will not need this return policy. However, remember, you can only watch up to 40% of videos and the remaining videos will be completed in the course. You should request this within 14 days.

For courses with high prices, you should make sure what you will get before the end of the course. You will need to spend money on your course after purchasing it. This is really not really perfect for you.

Final Verdict

The Digital Course Secrets is the best course platform on the web in the present time. I strongly mention this product if you are a beginner with digital marketing.

As I mentioned above, Kevin David is a famous expert and creator of this course. Last year, he released 3 courses and I also reviewed and bought them.

However, Kevin will not tell you how to make millions when you start taking the course, he will reveal it at the end of the course.

My first course is about affiliate marketing. It is really very easy to get started. I have used the platforms that the facilitators provide me to create membership sites within just a few minutes.

I recommend you take this course as soon as possible.

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Bonus 6: Resellers Rights to Upto 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs
Bonus 7: WP Image & Video Commenter
Bonus 8: Socio AutoPoster
Bonus 9: WP Page Maker
Bonus 10: SlickPop
Bonus 11: Dropshipping 101 Video The easiest way to profit with Dropshipping even FASTER!

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xOmator App

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5000+ Stock Image collection

WPDigiPro 2.0 Review 2017
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Biggest Collection Of Digital Graphics (Whitelabel)

Instamate 2.0 Bonus
Instamate 2.0 Bonus
A huge pack of high quality Digital Graphics that suits to multiple niches, use them in your Landing pages, Sales Pages, Sales Videos and even in Social Meida Networks.

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9.7 Total Score

Newbie Friendly
  • Easy To Follow
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • Exclusive Strategies
  • 6 Incredible Modules
  • Detailed Yet Simple Instructions
  • No Complicated Tool Involved
  • Create Profitable Ads Within Minutes
  • Improve Target Skill
  • Improve Finance Management Skill
  • Boost Profits And Sales
  • 14-day-money-back Guarantee
  • High Access Fee
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