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Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review – Is This Kevin David’s Course A Scam?


With millions of users from all over the world, it is no secret that Facebook is the best place to raise brand awareness. However, this does not make it the easiest one! There are so many skills you need to master for the task, such as how to research the market, how to make a highly-converting ad, how to manage your finance. With zero experience, you obviously cannot start on your own. Picking a Facebook marketing course out there is not a wise choice either, because, who knows, it can be just a scam with empty promises!

Sounds like a dire situation, huh? But do not worry; I have a 100% credible Facebook course right here! Do you want to know what it is? Well, the rest of my Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass review will show you.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review – Overview

What Is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is a ground-breaking training course that can teach you how to properly master every aspect of Facebook marketing without breaking a sweat. Are you wondering how? Well, it comes along with SIX incredible modules stacked with step-by-step videos and methods – more than enough to turn you from a clueless beginner to a Facebook expert within a month!

Basically, this course can show you everything you must know about Facebook ads, from setting up a powerful one, how to build a profitable campaign, to how to make money without the need of a product. Heck, it can even teach you some simple yet effective hacks! In short, if you want to enhance your Facebook marketing skills quickly, you have to take it home.

About Author

Now, let’s move on to some crucial information on Kevin David – the man behind Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass. Well, before developing this course, he has actually got years of experience in Facebook marketing as an Ad accountant! In fact, this course has been created based on his own knowledge of Facebook marketing itself. Aside from this worldwide social networking site, David had also established firm footholds on both Amazon and Shopify as a drop shipping expert. In short, he is exactly who you can count on when it comes to enhancing your marketing efficiency.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass - Exclusive Training Reveals the Strategies the Top 1% of Facebook Advertisers Use in 2019

Exclusive 50% Off Coupon!

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass – Features and Benefits

(There are 6 modules in total, but I am just going to review the ones I find most powerful)

Module 1 – Understanding Facebook™ Ads & What Works + Vocabulary You Need To Know + The Power Of The Ninja Pixel Strategy!

In this module he’ll teach you how to make your ads profitable, show you his exclusive sales funnel (earns him $1,500,000 within 4 months) and the ultimate Facebook hacks on building a lucrative fan page and driving massive profits. Not only that, he gives you his exclusive Google analytic secret and how to build an excellent lead magnet on your own.

  • WATCH ME FIRST! How to Be Successful With the Facebook Advertising Ninja Masterclass
  • How to Create a Facebook Page (NEEDED TO RUN YOUR ADS!)
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Settings and Add Your CTA!
  • How to Set Up Business Manager (The Advanced Way to Run Facebook Ad Campaigns!)
  • Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads, Oh My!
  • Custom Audience Hacks That Have Made me Millions (And How You Can Apply Them to Your Business!)
  • The Secret Weapon of Facebook Marketers and How to Prevent Audience Saturation (Lookalike Audiences)
  • The Power of the Facebook Ninja Pixel and How to Use it Retarget Your Perfect Customers!
  • The Ninja Sales Funnel and How a Simple Process Has Made me MILLIONS and How to Apply The Same Process to ANY Business!
  • Why the Rich Stay Rich and How to Create Hugely Profitable Lifetime Customers!
  • The 4 Elements of a PERFECT Facebook Ad
  • The Secret to Finding Your Perfect Customers on Facebook Straight from the Source (Audience Insights + Google Trends)

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass - Exclusive Training Reveals the Strategies the Top 1% of Facebook Advertisers Use in 2019

Exclusive 50% Off Coupon!

Module 2 – How To Go From Complete Beginner To Facebook™ Ad Ninja + The Only Campaign Types You Need!

Kevin will teach you how to manage and use your budget most economically, attract qualified yet low-cost conversions, expand your target market, boost your credibility using only Facebook ads, the best way to organize your campaigns, launch and analyze your ads for massive profits,…

  • How to Install Your Facebook Pixel the Right Way on ALL Major Platforms!
  • The Ninja Ad Lifecycle (Nothing Attracts a Crowd Quite Like a Crowd!)
  • Brand Awareness + Reach Marketing Objectives (How I Use a Reach Hack to Show my Ad to Thousands of Eyes for 1:10th the Norm
  • The Traffic Marketing Objective and Why it is One of the most Versatile Tools in Your Arsenal!
  • The Engagement Marketing Objective (How to Build HUGE Social Proof for Pennies on the Dollar!)
  • The Video View Marketing Objective and Why it Has Single Handedly Made me More Money Than ANY Other Objective!
  • The Lead Generation Marketing Objective – How to Collect HIGHLY Targeted Email Leads for CHEAP!
  • The Messages Marketing Objective and Why You’re Almost ALWAYS Just One Message Away from a Sale!
  • The Conversions Marketing Objective and Why It Can DESTROY Your Profits or EXPLODE Them!
  • Catalog Sales – The AMAZING Power of DPA’s and How to Use Them to EXPLODE Your Shopify Profitability!
  • How to Name Your Campaigns and Ad Sets + The Ninja Methodology and Why it Works Best!
  • How to Use Automation Rules to Save Yourself Time and Scale FASTER Than You Thought Possible!

Module 3 – How To Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences That Will Skyrocket Your Business (The Secret To Becoming A Master Advertiser!)

  • How to Define Your Perfect Audience + Introduction to Detailed Targeting Section!
  • How to Find Your Perfect Customer Using Data DIRECTLY From Google and Facebook!
  • How to Use Facebook Demographics Data to Find Your PERFECT Customers!
  • How to Use Interest Targeting to Create HUGELY Profitable Audiences!
  • How to Use Behaviors to Laser Target Your Perfect Audience!
  • Placements and Why ‘Automatic’ Can be HUGELY Expensive!
  • How to Create a Custom Audience from Your Email List!
  • How to Create Custom Audiences Based on Website Traffic + Two of my Favorite HACKS!
  • How to Create Custom Audiences from Pixel Events + Why I NEVER Use Custom Conversions!
  • How to Create Custom Audiences from Facebook Engagements + One of my Favorite Retargeting on Instagram HACKS!
  • How to Create a Video View Percentage Custom Audience + Cold Audience Ninja Tactic!
  • The Power of the Lookalike Audience and the ‘Ninja 6 Hack!’

Module 4 – How To Create Ad Copy + Creative That Convert Like Crazy (Become A Copywriting And Ad Image Expert Quicker Than You Thought Possible!)

  • How to Write World Class Ad Copy + the Ninja Ad Vault!
  • The Difference Between Advertising to People and to Friends + Deep Dive Into Conversational Ad Copy!
  • How to Leverage Human Psychology and Facebook Stock Photos to Create POWERFULLY Influential Ads!
  • How to Spy on Your Competition and See Their Facebook Ads and Get Inspiration for Your Own Campaigns! (AdEspresso)
  • How to Ethically Borrow Ideas from One of the Worlds Best Marketers (Swiped.co + DigitalMarketer Resources)
  • How to View Ad Examples Directly From Facebook for Some of the Best Advertisers on the Platform (Creative Hub!)
  • How to View Profitable LIVE Ads on Facebook for ANY Interest!
  • Examples of World Class Ads With Detailed Explanations!
  • How to Optimize ANY Ad for Mobile and Desktop + What You CAN’T Advertise on Facebook!
  • How to Create the Perfect Ad (Putting it All Together!)

Module 5 – How To Make A Ton Of Money Without Needing Your Own Product (Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without Any Experience!)

He’ll teach you how to attract your local customers, target the most unexpected clients, set up a profitable business without running into any technical problem, make millions of dollars despite having zero skill or experience,…

These are what I like the most about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass. The other three are pretty impressive. Still, they just revolve mostly around how to target better and how to build greater ads so I will not mention them here.

  • Intro to Facebook Ad Agencies and Why it Can Change Everything…
  • Why You are the 1% – and How We Bridge the Gap Between Local Businesses and Online Marketing!
  • How to Make More Than the Average American With ONLY FOUR Yes’s – The Simple Math Behind a Facebook Ad Agency
  • How to Use Business Manager for Facebook Ad Agency Clients!
  • How to Find Your Perfect Facebook Ad Agency Clients (And Why MOVING MONEY > New Money)
  • How to Run an Advertising Campaign for a Dentist (Shot in the Dark Split Test Intro!)
  • How to Advertise for a Personal Trainer (Plus the NINJA DATA Targeting Method!)
  • How to Target First Time Home Buyers for Real Estate Agents!
  • How to Close New Clients (MY EXACT PHONE + EMAIL TEMPLATES!)
  • Client Generation Strategies (The FREE Ninja Value Tactic!)
  • How to Sign Your First Client in 24 Hours + Get Your First Testimonial (MOST DIFFICULT!)
  • How to Advertise Specifically to Business Owners to Get Potential Clients Begging You to Work for Them!
  • How to Outsource Your Phone Sales to Efficiently Scale Your Facebook Ads Agency!
  • What to Charge Your Facebook Ad Agency Clients + Ninja Hacks to Close Cautious Clients!
  • The EXACT Proposal I Used When I First Started my Facebook Ads Agency!
  • How to Narrow to Your PERFECT Audience for Cheap + the Ninja Slideshow Hack!
  • How to Share Your Pixel + Audiences to Different Business Managers and Ad Accounts!
  • How to Create the ‘Ninja Funnel’ (FREE $2,000 Funnel + Intro to Clickfunnels!!!)
  • How to Find Warm Leads off the LARGEST Classified Ads Aggregator on Earth + the SINGLE BEST WAY to Find Clients TODAY!
  • How BNI Could Change Everything from 2 Free Meetings (How to Find Warm Leads + Referrals for Free)
  • How to Make More Per Year Than the Average American With 4 Phone Calls (The Ninja Rule of 4)
  • Why Yelp Ads are a Waste of Money and the SECOND BEST Form of Advertising for Your Clients!

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass - Exclusive Training Reveals the Strategies the Top 1% of Facebook Advertisers Use in 2019

Exclusive 50% Off Coupon!

Module 6 – How To Retarget, Optimize And Scale To The Moon!

  • How to Get Social Proof (Likes, Comments, Shares) for YOUR ADS for Pennies on the Dollar Using a Ninja HACK (Social Duplication)
  • Intro to Split Testing + How to Use Conversion Campaigns the Right Way!
  • How to Utilize the Power of Micro Split Testing to Quickly Find Winning Ads Even When You’re On a Budget!
  • One of The MOST IMPORTANT SECTION of This Course (How to Automate Split Tests and Make Your Life EASY!)
  • How Long Should You Run Your Ads and at What Daily Budget!
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads the Right Way + How to Organize Columns and Rules!
  • How to Pixel and Retarget People to Websites You Don’t Own (Like Amazon!)
  • How to Use Other People’s Content to Build Your List for Cheap and Make HUGE Profits!
  • How to Collect Emails and Get Purchases for Our Products for Cheap Using Coupons!
  • How to Use DPA’s for Shopify to Retarget Your Customers Automatically!
  • How to get Completely FREE Page Likes!
  • How to Optimize Your Ad Delivery and a Hack to Only Pay When People Click Your Ads (Plus Intro to Manual Bidding!)
  • How to Chat With Facebook Advertising Customer Support (Secret!)
  • How to Get Inspired from the BEST Advertisers on Earth Plus the 3:4 Ninja Hack
  • Why Traditional Marketers Fail – and How to Be a Facebook Ads Artist!
  • How to Use Facebook Analytics to Gain SUPER VALUABLE Insights Into Your Perfect Customers!
  • UTM Links and Why to Use Them When You’re Driving Paid Traffic From Multiple Platforms to Make Data Driven Decisions (ADVANC
  • How to Explode Your Facebook Ad Profitability (Retargeting HACKS!)
  • How to Create Purchase Conversion Custom Audiences if You Have Multiple Different Websites (And Optimize for Each!)
  • The New Facebook Page and One Hack That Will MORE Than Pay for the Entire Cost of This Course if Used Correctly!
  • How to Get FREE Social Proof Comments Saying What You Want About Your Product!
  • How to See the EXACT Ads Your Competitors are Running on Facebook (For Any Niche!)
  • How to Spy on Your Competition and Create Engaging Content in ANY Niche!
  • What to do if Your Ad Account is Disabled (Plus How to Prevent it!)
  • Facebook Live and Why it is the Single BEST Way to Get In Front of the Most Eyes for FREE on Facebook!
  • The Conversion Offer and How This One Hack Has Made Us Over 500k+!
  • The After Purchase Ninja Retargeting Hack (Why Existing Customers > New Customers!)

Bonus Modules

  • How to Get FREE Facebook Advertising With a Trip Wire + The 7 Underutilized Psychological Tactics That Will INSTANTEL
  • The Instagram Blueprint – How I Use Simple Tricks to Drive Unlimited FREE Traffic + Use Instagram Ads to Grow my Business
  • How I Use Messenger Bots to Instantly Double My Conversions From One Little Known Hack!
  • Introduction Into Setting Up Business Manager
  • Introduction to Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads!
  • Introduction Into Installing Your Facebook Pixel the Right Way on ALL Major Platforms!
  • Introduction to Ad Lifecycle
  • Introduction Into Defining Your Perfect Audience + Introduction to Detailed Targeting Section
  • Introduction Into Finding Your Perfect Customer!
  • Introduction Into Creating POWERFULLY Influential Ads!
  • Introduction to Facebook Ad Agencies
  • Introduction Into Bridging the Gap Between Local Businesses and Online Marketing!
  • The Simple Math Behind a Facebook Ad Agency
  • Introduction to Split Testing + How to Use Conversion Campaigns the Right Way!

How Does It Work?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is a training course, so it will serve you well regardless of your experience with Facebook marketing. And I believe you have already known what to do while using a training course, so I will not delve deeper into this matter. Basically, you just need to watch everything included in the six modules, every video, every method, every case study, jot down all the important things, and try to use them to your own advantage. Very simple, right?

Who Should Use It?

To me, Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is the training suite that everybody working on Facebook must try at least once! It can show the newbies a good starting point as well as give the professionals some handy tricks. And do not say that you do not think it can be helpful because come on; we are talking about 6 modules full of surprises. You cannot possibly know everything included!

Pros and Cons

9.3 Total Score

Newbie Friendly
  • Easy To Follow
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • Exclusive Strategies
  • 6 Incredible Modules
  • Detailed Yet Simple Instructions
  • No Complicated Tool Involved
  • Create Profitable Ads Within Minutes
  • Improve Target Skill
  • Improve Finance Management Skill
  • Boost Profits And Sales
  • 14-day-money-back Guarantee
  • High Access Fee
  • Some Of The Videos Are Too Fast For One To Catch Up With So Please Pay Close Attention
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Price and Evaluation

As I have mentioned earlier, in order to lay your hands on Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass’s features, you will have to pay a not-so-pleasant price. And by not-so-pleasant, I meant about $2000!

But wait, do not walk away yet! Just look at all the powerful modules you are going to receive and think of all the skills you can develop after finish the course. In fact, the producer has even stated that this course was supposed to be priced at over $8000! In other words, $2000 is worth just about one feature of it. in other words, you pay for just one feature, but get an entire course with dozens of cool ones in return! Now, is this not a good deal?

Are you up to some extra good news? If you get Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass straight off, you will get a special discount that reduces the course’s price into $997 only! Isn’t this amazing? If I were you, I will hit its sales page right now!

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review – Conclusion

Creating the most incredible Facebook ads will no longer be such an impossible task once you have brought home the right training course. With 6 brilliant modules from Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, no matter who you are, within just a week, you can turn into a master in Facebook marketing! So, it is about time you hit that red button below and purchase one.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass - Exclusive Training Reveals the Strategies the Top 1% of Facebook Advertisers Use in 2019

Exclusive 50% Off Coupon!

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Bonus 7: WP Image & Video Commenter
Bonus 8: Socio AutoPoster
Bonus 9: WP Page Maker
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