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One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Limited Ticket For 30 Day Challenge To The Top

Hey there! Santa is coming to town and you can get your Xmas present.

Guess who is back!? Sorry Marvel fan, it’s not time for Avenger: Endgame! But after this One Funnel Away Challenge Review, you will hurry up to put Thanos aside to grab your good luck charm.

What I’m talking about is the One Funnel Away Challenge, the challenge for anyone who wants to climb to the Everest of affiliate marketing.

So, if you are want to join the team, this will be your lucky chance to book the tour. The ticket is limited so, make sure to run quickly, get on the queue and board on the boat. The boat will set sail for the treasure island in 2019 soon, and I’m sure you don’t want to be a crying dove for missing it.

Overview of One Funnel Away Challenge (OFAC)

  • Product Name: One Funnel Away Challenge (OFAC)
  • Website: Click Here
  • Trainer/Coach: Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian & Stephen Larson

What is One Funnel Away Challenge, 1-Month Challenge To Hit Top Of The World?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day challenge to kick off your marketing career in IM and write your name on the hall of fame with your business. During one month, you will get the daily coaching from the three gurus to take you to the road to success.

And to make you it to the top, every day passing by will be exactly a challenge for you. You will not get a self-learning package and then learn when you are free, quit when you feel tired. This is not the case of what’s going on in OFAC.

Day by day, you will get personal training with the coach through an intensive lesson about the details of campaign and actionable plan. And don’t think you will be able to play truant in a nice morning because you will have to responsible for your plan.

Keep reading to the end of my One Funnel Away Challenge Review to know how you can take part in this course!

One Funnel Way Challenge - Limited Ticket For 30 Day Challenge To The Top

"One Funnel Away Challenge" - This training was attended by 7,235 entrepreneurs, who have developed their own "30 Days" plan by the end of the training.


Coaches of One Funnel Away Challenge

Russell Brunson, Julia and Stephen will be your main coaches to drive with you on the journey of marketing from zero to hero, all starting when you have nothing. This means that there is no traffic, funnels, products or share on the market. They will show you the process, how things work in IM and help you create a mindset to think like your customers, helping you understand and get the insights of your users.

There will be no done-for-you campaign, no such a free lunch to apply into your campaign. The OFAC will help you build a marketing sense of your own and then you will be your best version to lean on.

On the first launch of OFAC, they made it into a top hit of billboard with more than 7,000 trainees. The participants firstly were affiliate, then came the product creators, sellers, … Word of mouth spread the good news and more and more people joined the event.

So this year, when Russel decides to re-launch the OFAC again, folks are already fill their name on the waiting list to sign up for this 30-day challenge. It’s hasn’t opened yet but the chance may be closing up because of overbooking. Mark these days in your calendar with a highlight pen to make sure you are not left at the station. OFAC: available from December 26th, 2018 to January 7th, 2019.

30 days going by with intensive and personal training for 1 month, but it’s not THE END. You are armed with awesome bonuses to start to rock your business. Well, with a little shipping fee, it’s just something of too-good-to-be-true. Don’t be impatient, I will show you the bonus later in this One Funnel Away Challenge Review!

Who Is One Funnel Away Challenge Suitable For?

You can see, this is a steal deal for anyone who wants to get high with their promo campaign or who like to hear the sound of money coming to their account. It’s not a niche-specific course but it’s where you create the mindset of a smart and sensitive marketers to grab the opportunities and turn into real cash.

Affiliate with Amazon products, travelling bloggers building a blog, offline store owners with physical products, … it doesn’t matter. I believe you can find the good advices to put value in your current business. And if you are an unknown newbie, don’t be shy, come up here. You’re lucky to have such a good start with it.

So What Do We Have To Pay?

The net price for this OFAC will be $100 and you can feel free to join the challenge in 30 days. Over-the-shoulders training in one month will be ready for you to throw yourself in it, soak the ideas and get up, building your own action plan.

Let’s have a simple division, averagely, you pay nearly $3.5, less than a McDonal Burger or a Starbuck coffee. It’s totally a hard-to-believe deal. And what’s more even surprisingly is the bonuses.

  • Bonus 1: 30 Days hardcover book in 500+ page

The collection of shares of experience and thoughts of 30 successful entrepreneurs in online businesses are all written in here. Mr. Brunson asked 100 of his “2 Comma Club” award winners that what they would do every day in one month if they lost everything, and only have their ClickFunnels account left with Internet connection.

You will find the invaluable sharing from the gurus about their daily routine, their A to Z and how they survive when pushed to the edge. All their battle strategies with exact methods can be your Bible Practical for your day.

  • Bonus 2: MP# players with all content from the last 30 Days Challenge

  • Bonus 3: A workbook with daily action plan for your training in one month.

  • Bonus 4: Unlimited access to “30 Days Summit” in OFAC member area where you can explore the limited records of the last challenge.

And all of these wonderful gifts will be shipped to your door with the note Merry Xmas and Happy Journey to congratulate for your upcoming success.

Pros and Cons of One Funnel Away Challenge

9.4 Total Score

Newbie Friendly
  • $100 for 30-day challenge, equal to $3 each day for personal coaching
  • Detailed training from the gurus with practical lessons and shares
  • Invaluable bonuses with shipping fee only
  • Focus on long-term building and success
  • Great start for beginners into the game
  • Intensive challenge continuously in one month
  • Not suitable for hit-and-run case, real effort paid off with real money
  • Not hijack on other’s system or ninja software
  • Sales funnels or other software will be charged
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My Last Judgement

I really think this will be a sequent hit again with its potential and enriched content. I believe this will be a good fit for anyone who wants to pursue the online business (marketing, affiliate, blogging, …) If your profit is sinking like Titanic, this system can pull you on the right track. If you are a newcomer to the town, OFAC will be a good and determined mayor to show you all-around the neighborhood.

However, it may not be your choice if you just want to slide on the IM and make quick money. This is more suitable for a seriously-considered ones. Good luck with your choice and wish you a merry Xmas for a new year full of opportunities coming!

Thanks a lot for checking in at my One Funnel Away Challenge Review! Let me now your comments at the below!

One Funnel Way Challenge - Limited Ticket For 30 Day Challenge To The Top

"One Funnel Away Challenge" - This training was attended by 7,235 entrepreneurs, who have developed their own "30 Days" plan by the end of the training.



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